Mozaic Investor RelationsProviding Value

Mozaic is an investor consultancy with an overriding objective – to help you realize value for your organization.

Maximizing Value

We work to enhance visibility, reputation and goodwill through focused programs.

Working for you

Developing effective outreach messages and strategies, and connecting the right people, makes a difference.

Corporate Communications


Public relations and corporate communications have a profound impact on the perceptions – and actions – of  investors, customers and regulators.

There are times when the steady assurance of a well-earned reputation is needed when companies face high-profile, complex challenges.


Investor Relations


It’s all about value.

The market ideally should reflect a company’s full worth.  But that doesn’t always happen.  Institutional investors, analysts and fund managers may not fully understand the company’s value proposition and its growth strategies.  It takes a concerted effort through a variety of channels to make a difference.



Foreign Direct Investment

InvestKY09-079-LFor people responsible for economic development, the question is not “if” – but “how”– you can most effectively attract Japanese corporate investment to help fuel your area’s growth.

Economic development, job creation and business attraction ultimately start with leads – that is, identifying potential investors.  Getting the right leads – and at the earliest stage possible – is crucial.