Mozaic Investor RelationsProviding Value

Mozaic is an investor consultancy with an overriding objective – to help you realize value for your organization.

Maximizing Value

We work to enhance visibility, reputation and goodwill through focused programs.

Working for you

Developing effective outreach messages and strategies, and connecting the right people, makes a difference.

Corporate Communications

InvestOH09-082-papersPublic relations and corporate communications have a profound impact on informing and influencing investors, customers,  regulators and other important stakeholder audiences.  The    assurance of a well-earned reputation is vital when companies face high-profile challenges.


Investor Relations


Our job is to ensure that shareholders, potential investors, analysts and fund managers understand the company’s value proposition and growth strategies.  That is accomplished in various ways.



Economic Development

InvestKY09-079-LFor officials responsible for economic development, how can you position your community or region to most effectively attract the attention of companies looking to expand operations into the United States?