Mozaic surveys regional investors for Tech Sister Cities program

Mozaic surveys regional investors for Tech Sister Cities program

Mozaic Investor Relations has reached out to survey professional investors and financial executives in the Midwest U.S. to get their opinions on an international investor project involving start-ups in the Netherlands.

The project is called the Tech Sister Cities program and is being coordinated by Terry Boyd, the journalist who founded the Insider Louisville news site, moved to the Netherlands and created Dispatches Europe, a site aimed at expatriates.

The Dispatches Europe  site emphasizes the international mobility of talent and capital. His Tech Sister Cities program taps into that mobility, connecting investors, startups, tech talent, universities, economic-development officials and civic leaders in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri with early stage companies in the fast-growing Eindhoven region of the Netherlands. That area is teeming with ultra high-tech companies, including corporate giants Philips, ASML and NXP.

Mozaic has been involved since the concept’s early stages, and is assisting Boyd in gauging interest among US investors in traveling to Eindhoven to meet startups and scale-ups, and alternatively, meet with those groups in a later visit to the US.

TSC hopes to bring groups of investors and/or startups from the Midwest to Eindhoven in 2019.  The first exchange is later this year, as Jonathan Blue of Blue Equity will share his deal-making acumen and his VC insights with the startup community in Eindhoven.

The U.S. Department of State provided initial funds for this venture and TSC is looking to build relationships with several multinational corporations operating on both sides of the Atlantic to support the program.

If you have further interest in the Tech Cities program or would like additional information, please contact Terry Boyd at

Contact: Terry McWilliams, 502.410.2113 or terrym (at)

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