Investor Relations

i-152The market ideally should reflect a company’s full worth.  But that doesn’t always happen.  Institutional investors, analysts and fund managers may not fully understand the company’s value proposition and its growth strategies.  It takes a concerted effort through a variety of channels to make a difference.

The benefits of this outreach can be significant, with impacts in shareholder loyalty, cost of capital and market intelligence for the board of directors and senior management.  Increased understanding lowers risk – and impacts value

We work with companies to develop the corporate message of value, delivered consistently across the communications platform to audiences. A few of the delivery platforms include:

  • Annual meetings
  • Analyst/portfolio manager roadshow presentations
  • Analyst/institutional webcasts and teleconferences
  • Earnings releases
  • Media training

Our approach is not developed in isolation.  We talk with senior management.  We interview analysts and investors.  We want to know what the outside world thinks about company prospects, whether accurate or not, to know how to develop a program to show the true picture.

We also work to identify funds with the most potential to invest in your company, and contact them with information highlighting the investment opportunity.

INVEST conferences provide a forum for public companies to reach investors.

INVEST conferences allowed public companies to reach institutional investors.

We have experience in reaching investors and funds, having organized more than two dozen equity investment conferences, allowing CEOs and CFOs to discuss past performance, strategies and future prospects.