Investor Relations

i-152The market should reflect a company’s full worth.  But that doesn’t always happen.

Through a variety of strategies, we work to achieve a valuation that incorporates  key accomplishments. We determine the key drivers affecting the outlook from analysts, fund managers and investors and design programs to reach these audiences convincingly. Success depends on communicating messages that outline future direction and successes achieved. It takes a concerted effort through a variety of channels to make that difference.  

The impact can be dramatic. Increased understanding lowers risk – and with it the cost of capital.  Confidence builds in management’s strategic abilities. We work with companies to develop corporate messages, delivered consistently across corporate communications platforms. We use the best opportunities throughout the communication landscape to deliver these messages:

Our approach is developed in conjunction with senior management.  We interview analysts and investors to get an accurate sense of what the outside world thinks. 

INVEST conferences provide a forum for public companies to reach investors.

INVEST conferences staged and managed by Mozaic brought together public company executives with regional and Wall Street institutional investors.

We work to identify funds with the most potential to invest, and contact them so they have a direct opportunity to interact with management. Will

Having organized more than two dozen equity investment conferences of our own, and having worked with public companies doing the same outreach, we’re confident of our ability to get public companies in front of the right funds and fund managers, with on-target messaging.

Investor Relations Results:

William Ferko, CFO, the Genlyte Group, Inc.

“When I started as the CFO at Genlyte we had no sell side coverage and our market capitalization was about $400 million.  We engaged Terry McWilliams at Mozaic to help us grow our sellside coverage and our investor base. Terry kept me busy identifying and engaging the types of analysts and investors who needed to know about Genlyte and over time it paid off.  We grew from no sell side analysts to 9 analysts when we sold the company to Philips for $2.8 billion.  We were recognized and profiled by numerous periodicals such as Bloomberg-Business Week and Forbes for our earnings and stock appreciation performance.”