Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Genlyte Group, Inc.

img1We helped Genlyte overcome misunderstandings within the investment community.

SITUATION: Genlyte, a company supplying lighting and fixtures to commercial, residential and industrial markets, was posting record sales and profits a despite rough economy.  Stock performance was lackluster. The company’s outreach to the investment community was inconsistent.

WHAT WE DID: We designed a comprehensive program to fight back.

First, we asked management what problems they thought investors had with Genlyte. They felt, because of a recent merger, the corporate structure wasn’t well understood.  Then we surveyed analysts and institutional fund managers, asking them about company performance, quality of management, and the existing investor relations program…

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Case Study 2 – Sigcorp

SigCorp Energy Mozaic helped this merged company with its introduction to Wall Street.

SITUATION: Two similar sized utilities serving two-thirds of Indiana  – Indiana Energy and SIGCORP – were selling their business combination as a “merger of equals.”  Mozaic was the combined company’s resource to reach sell-side and buy-side analysts in the inaugural visit to Wall Street.

WHAT WE DID: We met with management, scripted speaking points and developed a powerful financial presentation that outlined the companies’ past successes, expected merger savings and future opportunities. We explained why Vectren was a great investment.

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Case Study 3 – Addington Resources

 Mozaic helped tell a restructuring story which helped maintain market value despite the charges needed to jettison unprofitable operations and refocus on mining.

SITUATION: After many quarters of losses, Addington Resources’ chairman Larry Addington decided on a new direction. Coal mining was profitable, but an expansion into gold mining, citrus farming and environmental services was not.

WHAT WE DID: We helped the company formulate and execute a plan to communicate its actions to restore profitability…

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