Corporate Communications

InvestTN2012-090-mIt’s important to keep  customers, employees, investors and the public engaged and involved.

Doing requires a long-term committment. You want these audiences on your side if unexpected challenges emerge – whether it involves a natural disaster, or a man-made one.  

We work as a trusted and professional long-term partner, knowing that clients must break through the media clutter with heartfelt, well-thought-out messages.  That takes creativity and perseverence.

Every situation is unique.  Our experience tells us that the best approach is long-term, building appropriate relationships over the long-term.

Key Program elements

  • Traditional media relations programs
  • Social media programs
  • Newsletter development, postcards, publications (physical and electronic)
  • Audience engagement (speaking programs, appearances and promotions)
  • Employee communication programs
  • Audience and stakeholder audits
  • Executive media training