Corporate Communications

InvestTN2012-090-mPublic relations and corporate communications have a profound impact on the perceptions – and actions – of  investors, customers and regulators.

There are times when the steady assurance of a well-earned reputation is needed when companies face high-profile, complex challenges.

Corporations need steady, intelligent counsel to build their trust bank in good times guide them through crises. By looking at issues strategically, we provide the firepower to conceive, develop and implement a multitude of programs that benefit a company and its reputation:

  • Preparing for crises
  • Developing media relations and social media
  • Developing marketing and awareness materials
  • Developing and arranging speeches, presentations and appearances

We work as a trusted and professional partner with clients, knowing that they must work to be noticed above the media clutter, but with the right messages.  That takes creativity to target audiences with the right messages and gain desired results.

Every situation is unique.  The challenges are different with each client. We realize that.  Our experience tells us that the best approach is long-term, with consistent messages and consistent outreach.  Reputations depend on it.